String Quilts?
What are String Quilts?
String quilts have been around for centuries, but in String Quilt Revival this old-time art is given new life.  In the past, a string quilt gave homemakers the ability to utilize scraps of fabric that were too small for any other purpose.  The strips of fabric, called strings, were sewn onto a foundation of paper, muslin or other lightweight fabric.  The finished individual blocks were trimmed and then randomly sewn together to create a quilt top.
Bobbie and Ginger introduce a new take on the traditional technique.  A lightweight no show mesh stabilizer replaces traditional newspaper, providing a better quality project with a bonus.  The no show mesh stabilizer does not have to be removed.
String Quilt Revival provides 13 designs ranging from potholders to queen size quilts each showing a different string block in a fresh and fun colorway.  These projects are perfect for new quilters, quilters wanting quick projects and beginning sewers because there is no need for precision cutting of the fabric and no worry about seams matching.
We have designed 16 additional string quilt patterns all using Sheer Delite as the foundation.  They can all be done with scraps or color planned to create a special look. With each generation string quilts continue to evolve. What will your string quilt look like.